1. What is the Prefitted service?

The Prefitted service speeds up the equipment collection process in resort. We allocate you, our customers, a 20-minute, dedicated fitting slot. This gives you time to ask questions, receive advice and have all your equipment hire fitted before even leaving the UK. We process all the information we collect and send the orders out to the resort hire shops. They can then prepare your hire in advance, meaning that when you arrive in resort you can simply pick up your equipment and get out onto the slopes!

2. Where/when do I get fitted for my equipment?

Your group fitting event will take place a couple of weeks before your trip. You will have selected a fitting time preference (through your tour operator's booking page) or will automatically have been assigned a time. Your trip organisers will tell you where the fitting event will take place, so all you need to do is come to the right place at the right time and meet our expert team!

3. When will the fit take place?

Your Prefitted event will take place no later than 10 days before you travel. You can book your fitting time slot when you book your trip so that you can plan ahead. We will remind you with an email 2 days before your fitting and a text message on the day of your fitting.

4. I've never been skiing/snowboarding before. How do you know what equipment I need?

Our Prefitted Technical Sales Team are all trained fitters and so can fit you with the correct technical equipment for your ability level. We can also advise you on the correct ski-wear to best suit your needs. If you're trying skiing/boarding for the first time, our team will show you how to correctly put on your kit so you're not stuck in resort! We can also provide you with suitable clothing rental, so you don't have to invest in brand new kit! We cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced!

5. What happens if I miss my fitting slot? Can I still get fitted in resort?

Short answer, YES! You can still get fitted in resort, but you will have to wait until after all Prefitted customers (who attended their appointment) have collected their hire. We therefore recommend that you don't miss your fitting slot as it will slow down the equipment collection process in resort. If you know in advance that you will be missing your appointment/wish to reschedule, please contact Prefitted Head Office (Call: +44 (0)2920 569 664 or Email: contact@prefitted.co.uk). We MAY be able to reschedule but CANNOT guarantee, as sometimes our fitting events can be very busy! If you fail to attend your fitting slot and you have not let us know, you will be charged a £5.50 non-attendance fee. Similarly, if you cancel within the 48-hours prior to your fitting event, you will be charged a £5.50 late-cancellation fee.

7. Can I upgrade my equipment/clothing package?

Yes! You can upgrade your equipment, You need to email the wasteland customer service team on help@wastelandski.comand upgrade your package from there. Additions such as socks, base layers and orthotics are available to purchase at the fitting event. The only exception to upgrades is if you have selected the Wasteland Ski beginner’s package of equipment hire and lessons. This is specifically designed for beginners and therefore you will not need an upgrade nor will it be possible.

8. What rental options are available?

We have 4 ski packagaes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum; 3 snowboard packages: silver, gold, platinum; and 2 clothing packages: basic and premium. We also offer helmet rentals. More information about each of these can be found on the 'Products' page. Click here to view.

9. What if I need to cancel my clothing or equipment?

All hire cancellations are done through your tour operator so please contact them and then they'll let us know! If you want to make a change, rather than a cancellation, please contact Prefitted Head Office (Call: 029 2056 9664 or Email: contact@prefitted.co.uk).

10. Do I need to rent a helmet?

Unless you already own a helmet, we ABSOLUTELY recommend you rent one! Helmets really do save lives and so if you're riding without one, you're at a huge risk! Our record shows that less than 1 in 1000 of the students we fit chose not to wear a helmet on the slopes today. Its not about your ability its about the ability of those around you! (especially after après)

11. How and where do I pick up my equipment?

Clothing and helmet hire will be waiting for you to collect during your supermarket stop. If, for any reason, you are unable to collect it from the shop, you'll be able to pick it up in resort but it MIGHT cut into your ski time! For your equipment hire, you will receive an email, SMS and push notification (through your tour operator's app, if they have one). This will tell you which shop is providing your hire.

12. What do I need to bring to collect my equipment?

You will need your Prefitted email which contains your hire confirmation. This will be sent to you after you have attended your Prefitted slot. If your phone is prone to dying, bring a printed copy with you. Otherwise, save the trees and show the email from your phone! You'll need to show your confirmation email to the hire shop on arrival. They will then issue you with the pre-prepared equipment and you can walk away in no time at all!

13. I can't find my confirmation email/don't have one. What do I do?

If you've attended your Prefitted slot, you will have an email. The information will also be sent to you via SMS and push notification (via your tour operator's app, if they have one). If your phone is out of battery, try borrowing a friend's. Worst comes to the worst, there are lists outside each shop with everyone's name and hire on them. Find your name, note down your client number and off you go!

14. Will I have to wait to collect my equipment?

The whole point of the Prefitted service is to speed up the collection of equipment. As long as you've attended your Prefitted fitting slot, the equipment will be ready and waiting for you in resort!

15. My boots hurt. Can I change them?

If there's a real problem, then yes! You will be able to change them! However, before you run to the hire shop, ask yourself these questions: 1. Have you just arrived? Your feet tend to swell after long periods of sitting (i.e. coach/plane journeys). Try your boots the next morning and they should feel a lot better! 2. Do your boots hurt when walking or skiing? Ski boots are NOT comfy to walk in (leave the buckles undone until you get to where you need to go - this is so much easier!!) If you have good-fitting boots, they won't hurt once you start skiing. 3. Are your boots too tight? The buckles on your foot (circled in the picture to the right) should NOT be done up too tightly - in fact, you'll often see ski instructors skiing without them done up at all! You should be able to fasten these bottom buckles using no more pressure than one thumb or two fingers. As a general rule of thumb (pun intended), any more pressure than this means the buckles are too tight!

16. I don't like the design of my skis/snowboard. Can I change them?

You might be able to, but definitely not immediately. All of the hired equipment must be handed out before you're able to swap! If you're really unhappy with your kit, pop into the hire shop on Monay and see if they have anything left! WARNING: With bigger trips, there's a pretty slim chance you'll be able to swap, just because you don't like your equipment design! We've been in hire shops before where all they have left is one pole and a pair of kid's ski boots!

17. What is the Prefitted Waiver?

The waiver covers you for loss/theft/damage. It allows you to collect your hire equipment without a bank credit card swipe, and in the event that something happens to your equipment, you are able to replace the affected items without having to front the big costs in resort. If the waiver is used in resort, you will receive an invoice from us on return to the UK and you will be asked to pay for the equipment that was lost/damaged/stolen. The waiver covers you for one full set of equipment except from ski poles. So you can lose your skis one day, your boots the next, and the same waiver will cover you for both items. The waiver will not cover you for the new equipment you receive - you will need to purchase a new waiver to cover these new items of equipment.

18. How do I use the Prefitted Waiver?

If your equipment is lost/damaged/stolen at any point in the week, you can return to the hire shop and be issued with new items. Explain to the hire shop what has happened. They'll confirm you have purchased the waiver and will issue you the new items you need. You will be issued an invoice on return to the UK, asking you to pay the relative excesses of the affected items.

19. What happens if I use the Prefitted Waiver? Do I have to pay?

If you need to use the waiver during your trip, you will receive an invoice on return to the UK. Prefitted cover some of the cost of the equipment but you will be asked to pay the relative excesses of each item, which are listed below: Boots: £100 Bronze hire skis: £130 Silver hire skis/board: £200 Gold hire skis/board: £260 Platinum hire skis/board: £450 You will have 7 days to pay off the amount we invoice you for.

6. How do I cancel my fitting slot?

To cancel a slot, please ring Prefitted Head Office on +44 (0) 2920 569 664.